Cultúrame: Feel the culture
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Cultúrame™ Giving Back

These challenging economic times have taken a severe toll on programs in the arts all across our country. Cultúrame believes it is vitally important that our children have the opportunity to explore their artistic creativity and experience different forms of self-expression. The need has never been greater. To this end, Cultúrame™ is committed to donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each card to organizations that are providing youth education in the arts.

Cultúrame™ specifically supports organizations who offer quality education in disadvantaged communities where children are often at-risk. Our support of these programs in low income, minority communities will help young people overcome barriers and achieve their dreams. By building skills and confidence in the arts, our youngsters will learn to meet new challenges where ever they arise. Cultúrame™ believes we all need to Celebrate, Inspire, and Ignite the imagination of our youth! Your purchase of Cultúrame™ products will contribute to the positive influence we can have on the lives of  young people’s lives through the arts!

We support organizations providing creative outlets in film, video, music, dance, drama, painting, graphic design, illustrations, and many other forms of artistic  expression. If you know of an organization in your community that meets our criteria for support, send us an email and let us know. We will gladly explore the possibilities for assistance and add them to our list of friends.

Founder and CEO, Debra Del Toro-Phillips, has a long history of working with and supporting young people.  The photos include snap shots of a recent fundraiser Debra sponsored for the Future Filmmaker Project in New York.  Other photos were taken with kids in the Mentoring Program Debra founded and supervised at the Mental Health Association.