Cultúrame: Feel the culture
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Hola y Bienvenidos a Cultúrame™

I am a bicultural American born in Puerto Rico and raised in the Bronx, New York. Speaking Spanish makes me feel good and connected to my culture. I believe most people experience the same when they speak in their native language. For instance, when I come across someone who I think speaks or understands Spanish and I start communicating in our common language, the spirit of our interaction immediately changes – it's friendlier, more intimate and fun. I encourage everyone to try it! And if you don't speak one language or the other as well as you'd like, don't be afraid to just mix it up. Throw in words and phrases where you can and enjoy the connection. That's what Cultúrame™ is all about!

Cultúrame™ is a new career for me! After my most recent work as a clinical social worker in New York City and my previous career as a fashion merchandiser of women's, men's, and children's clothing, I am ready to draw on all my skills and experiences from these two very different careers and attempt to fill a gaping hole in the greeting card marketplace by creating bilingual cards for the fastest growing consumer market in the United States! There are more than 50 million bicultural Americans who embrace the English-speaking world into which they have assimilated and who, at the same time, want to celebrate and share the Spanish-speaking culture so close to their hearts. It's an exciting opportunity to create a product that will bring people together in a way that allows them to express themselves culturally like never before! The cards artfully capture the spirit and rhythm of culture with a mix of familiar phrases in Spanish and English inspired by my everyday interactions and experiences. The illustrations and designs are produced by various talented freelance artists. The photo cards are inspired by my travels to Latin America and Latino communities in the United States.

For me it's a win-win situation! I get to continue my social service interests by encouraging people to feel good through staying connected to each other and their culture. Plus, Cultúrame™ will donate a portion of its proceeds to non-profit organizations providing bicultural youth education and services. I am very excited about this new venture giving voice to my creative expression and love for the Latino community. ¡Ay, que Bueno!

Gracias, for visiting with us! Be sure to visit our website regularly for more insights on culture and checking out our beautiful new card collections.


Debra Del Toro-Phillips, LMSW
Founder and CEO